School Governors

Governor Newsletter 3 Feb 17
Governor Newsletter 2 Nov 2015
Accessibility Plan
Governor Attendance 2016-17
Governor Attendance 2016-17
Governor Attendance 2018-19
Name Type of Governor Link Governor Chair (CH) or Vice Chair (VC) Committee Chair Targets, Standards & Curriculum Committee Member (TSC) Resources Committee Member (FP) Management, Pay & Personnel Committee Member (MPP)
Madeleine O’Dwyer Head of School Y Y Y
Roland Roberts CG Safeguarding, LAC, Staff Vetting CH Y Y Y
VACANCY (formerly KH) Literacy VC MPP Y Y
VACANCY (Formerly BB) CG  Maths Y
VACANCY (Formerly MC) CG EY/Foundation Y
Nicola Eaton CG Inclusion, SEN, Equalities Y Y
Dawn Carter CG Y
VACANCY (formerly CG) STF Y
VACANCY (formerly DH) LA Gov Training, Website Y Y
Alison Haynes CG Y Y Y
Louisa Haynes PG H & S Y
VACANCY (formerly IK) Pupil Premium TSC Y
Lucy Burbanks PG Attendance Y
James Norris PG Y Y Y
Christina Harrison PG PE Y
Governor Name Connections to StaffYes or No
If Yes, who and how.
Term of Office Other School Governor Posts held.Name of school and governor type Business Interests declared.Yes or No
Madeleine O’Dwyer  NO No
Roland Roberts NO 22.01.2019-21.01.2023 Governor at Salisbury Primary, Cadmus Federation, Streetly Academy, Head of Governance and Company Secretary for Victoria Academies Trust. NO
Nicola Eaton  NO 04.03.15-03.03.19 No
Dawn Carter NO 21.06.17-20.6.21 No
VACANCY  NO 09.11.15-08.11.19 No
Alison Haynes  NO 05.03.19-04.03.23 Yes – employed as arts, education creativity consultant, freelance teacher and assessor.
Louisa Haynes  NO 31.10.17-30.10.21 No
James Norris NO 31.10.17-30.10.21 No
Lucy Burbanks NO 07.10.16-06.10.20 No
Christina Harrison NO 07.10.16-06.10.20 No