School Governors


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Governor Name Type of Governor Link Governor Chair (CH) or Vice Chair (VC) Committee Chair Targets, Standards & Curriculum Committee Member (TSC) Resources Committee Member (FP) Management, Pay & Personnel Committee Member (MPP)
Duncan Speirs Headteacher Y Y Y
Corrie Halford PG EqualitiesSafeguarding CH Y Y Y
Kevin Hubery CG Literacy VC MPP Y Y
Rev Bev Boden CG Y
Mandy Cryan CG EY/Foundation Y
Nicola Eaton CG Inclusion, SEN Y Y
Vacancy CG
Carla Gibbs STF Y
Dean Hadley LA Gov Training Y Y
Alison Haynes CG Y Y Y
Louisa Haynes PG H & S Y
Imran Khan CG Pupil Premium TSC Y
Tracey Pearson CG ICT Y
Lucy Burbanks PG Y
Lucy Woodhall PG Y Y
Christina Harrison PG  Y
Governor Name Connections to StaffYes or No
If Yes, who and how.
Term of Office Other School Governor Posts held.Name of school and governor type Business Interests declared.Yes or No
Duncan Speirs  NO No
Corrie Halford  NO 04.10.16-03.10.20 Yes – employed by Aldridge Premier Tuition
Kevin Hubery  NO 16.11.16-15.11.20 Shire Oak Academy Yes – Community Governor at Shire Oak Academy
Rev Bev Boden  NO 04.03.15-03.03.19 Yes – financial interest in Poppysilk Ltd; Director of Arvantia Business Solutions Ltd & Poppysilk Ltd; membership of Institute of Chartered Accountants and Institute of Directors.
Mandy Cryan  NO 04.03.15-03.03.19 No
Nicola Eaton  NO 04.03.15-03.03.19 No
Carla Gibbs  NO 09.11.15-08.11.19 No
Dean Hadley  NO 28.06.14-27.06.18 No
Alison Haynes  NO 04.03.15-03.03.19 Yes – employed as arts, education creativity consultant, freelance teacher and assessor.
Louisa Haynes  NO 08.10.13-07.10.17 No
Imran Khan  NO 04.03.15-03.03.19 No
Tracey Pearson  NO 04.03.15-03.03.19 No
Lucy Woodhall  NO 08.10.13-07.10.17 No
Lucy Burbanks NO 07.10.16-06.10.20 No
Christina Harrison NO 07.10.16-06.10.20 No